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Pianist Erica Feidner atop Bosendorfer concert grand demonstrating her love of pianos


Piano Lessons with the World’s Foremost Piano and Sales Expert.

Purchase the Piano Born for You with the World’s Foremost Piano and Sales Expert.

Erica in a group piano lesson, taught by her mother, at age 3.

How Did Erica Buy a Piano For Her Piano Teaching Practice?

Erica on stage in the Miss America Scholarship Pageant to earn a scholarship to buy a Steinway piano for her teaching practice.

To Play or Not to Play the Piano? Erica questions Becoming a Concert Pianist.

Erica questions becoming a concert pianist.
Erica with Henry Z. Steinway at Steinway & Sons where she was the top sales representative in the world for nearly a decade.
Erica on the cover of Inc. magazine as pianist, piano teacher and piano matchmaker

“The 10 Greatest Salespeople of All Time”

Establishing Piano Matchmaker LLC

In keeping with her “matchmaking” philosophy of pairing each individual with the perfect piano given its respective unique personality, Erica takes great care to live by her professional standards: She frequently visits piano dealerships to get to know as many pianos as she can, to assure each one she makes available for her clients meets her own meticulous standards, and then begins to match them to the people for whom each of the pianos was born.

A Joyful Return to Teaching Piano Lessons

With both of her children grown and on their own, Erica returned to New York City in 2020. She had the good fortune to find a beautiful place to live on the Upper West Side and experienced a longing to return to teaching piano to children and adults, and to beginners in particular.

So, if you’re looking for piano lessons for children or for adults, please give Erica a call at (203)644-9197, or write to her here. She’s set up for in-person and online piano teaching and, together with helping her piano matchmaking clients, has been super happy ever since.

Erica Feidner in a bright pink cashmere sweater sporting a great big smile while perched on a swing. Contact her!