One Fast, Easy, Patented Session. EasyPeasyKeys. It’s Genius!

Erica Feidner invented and patented an all-in-one piano lesson for beginning adult piano students. Participants learn to read music and play the piano IN ONE LESSON!

“Easy Peasy Keys!” for the Adult Beginning Piano Student

Erica’s Patent No. 8,642,871 is a “one-session interactive…method that provides the desired fast and easy way to teach students to read musical notation and play a musical instrument.”

In 2006, Erica invented a fast and easy way to read music and play piano in ONE session. It’s so easy, the USPTO initially stated her approach was “TOO OBVIOUS.”

read music and play piano in one lesson

Perhaps you’re thinking:

  • “I’ve always wanted to take piano lessons, but was told I have no musical talent.”
  • “I’ve thought about taking adult piano lessons as a beginner, but maybe it’s too late.”
  • “I’ve taken lessons in the past, but I’ve forgotten everything I learned.”

During one of Erica’s recent “EasyPeasyKeys” sessions, Erica taught 8 beginning adults how to read music in 25 minutes. Then, each participant was presented with a music score unique to them to learn on the spot. 15 minutes later, everyone shared what they had learned and performed in an informal recital! True story.

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From Erica Feidner’s Patent No. 8,642,871: “a one-session interactive…method that provides the desired fast and easy way to teach students to read musical notation and play an instrument.”

“EasyPeasyKeys” is transformative. Erica has taught thousands of beginning adult piano players to read music during their first piano lesson with her. Over and over again, the results have been astounding.

  • EasyPeasyKeys makes sense. Finally! A way to read music that is logical and straightforward.
  • EasyPeasyKeys is enduring. Because it makes sense, you will not forget how to read music. Plus, there is no memorizing with the EasyPeasyKeys approach.
  • EasyPeasyKeys is fast. Superfast. Nearly all students are reading music in a matter of minutes.
  • EasyPeasyKeys is easy. If at first, you are uncertain about a concept, Erica explains the concept in another way that you WILL understand.
  • EasyPeasyKeys is fun. Really! Erica is world-renowned for her bubbly personality and unique teaching approach.
  • EasyPeasyKeys is patented, which means it must work. Is there a guarantee? No, there is something even better: a gold seal from the USPTO acknowledging that it works.

Did you know?

1. Patents are granted only if a “layman” can understand the invention.

Erica Feidner in a bright pink cashmere sweater sporting a great big smile while perched on a swing. Contact her!