Piano Lessons for Children & Adults

Transformative Piano Lessons for Adults and Children of All Ages and All Levels.

First, Erica enjoys teaching adults and children of all ages and at every level of study. She provides piano lessons to children ages 3 to 15 who are at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, and to adults ages 16-99 at every level of playing. She teaches both in-person in her studio on NYC’s Upper West Side and online to students anywhere in the world.

Erica’s Teaching Philosophy

Erica believes it is her responsibility as the teacher to understand the student, not vice versa.

She teaches to the musical interests of each student, whether the student is an adult or a child. Overall, Erica suggests repertoire that each individual student likes, while ensuring a well-rounded music education and quick progress.

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Piano Lessons for Children

Erica teaching a bright young boy who is learning to read music.

Do you have a child who seemingly cannot sit still? “Being interested” or “focusing” should most certainly not be the responsibility of the student! It is Erica’s job to quickly find the unique sparks within each child or individual to help them concentrate and excel. With patience and years of experience, Erica always finds a way to keep students fully engaged during lessons.

Each of Erica’s students knows that if there is something they don’t fully understand, that’s on Erica, not them.

Wouldn’t you want your child to enjoy piano lessons like this?

Joy, fun and excitement are always a part of piano lessons with Erica.

How did Erica’s Teaching Personality Develop?

Erica ignites excitement immediately during lessons, stemming from being surrounded by people and pianos since age 3. Having grown up in a family of 7 pianists and educators in a home with 26 pianos may have strongly influenced this talent of hers… Each summer dozens of children at a time from around the world lived with her family in her childhood home in Old Bennington, Vermont to learn to play the piano.

Erica recalls being a teen during the summer and enjoying her daily responsibilities of teaching 3 fellow piano camp participants while putting in hours of practice of her own each day. Other times, she might be cooking and serving dinner to 50 people, or creating and delivering an arts and crafts class. Especially fun was traveling to Tanglewood to hear the BSO or to the Saratoga PAC to attend NYC Ballet rehearsals with the entire clan of 45 children and faculty in tow. In addition, daily activities included accompanying the Sonatina Chorus or developing and teaching a class about rhythm. Inventing some other creative, inspiring, and fun activity with the participants was a large part of being a faculty member at Summer Sonatina.

ERICA FEIDNER PIANO STUDIO. Transformative Piano Lessons Online and In-Person for Children and Adults.

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